Satisfaction ft Wonder Brown

from by Luis Polo aka illete the 7th grader

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What my eyes see doesn't match what the Word says so I question its reality also my purpose, I do not know what my worth is and so I'll curse the sky till you give me something to work with, as full of hate as the earth is, there are certain that show me that there is more under the surface and so I search and I'm learning: my satisfaction is no measure of truth, but more a burden. But I got bills that you won't help me pay, sicknesses you created that won't go away. I need you shoes but you know I can't afford, I got a list of things that make me question if you are Lord. So I'm just gonna go get laid and drink, I know these things help me more than when I pray and think. Cause these are the things that are giving me satisfaction, and when I go and pray nothing happens
So when my satisfaction is denied God's gotta be a lie, got to be a lie
But traveling through space and time I know its gotta be divine, got to be divine (repeat)
I'm ashamed that I don't pray but I'm too ashamed to pray. A vicious cycle; living shades of gray
And I measure my spirit by how I feel today so tomorrow I'm protected from you by a shield of hate
it's all backwards, I'm in a world full of actors telling me that they know you but they're masked distractors. Back stabbing bastards. Convincing me that your're imaginary and there is no greener pastures. I'm trusting science and math first cause my high school science teacher has more college than my pastor. And she has verbalized that you are a lie. She's got me thinking too cause when I talk you never reply. But when I look to the stars they vouch for you. With their massive every single ounce they do. And they've been around way longer than her and when she's gone they'll be around as proof still.
Today I satisfy my flesh with battles to the end. Not only battling enemies; I'm battling my friends. And I'm battling ba-battling battling again. I wake up in my battle stance and battle till I win. I'm an expert at winning and even if I lose I lie about it until even I believe it's true. So when my satisfaction is denied I whine and all I know to be truth's a lie. And all I need is a freakin fuse to light and I'm taking you with me even if you choose to fight.
These are the things that keep my focus away from the Great One who spoke and created the blazed sun, who spoke to the planets and they spun, who broke through the shackles of slaved ones. So my goal's gone from being a righteous son to using all my strength for being right just once.
In spite of pain and hurt, for what it's worth Lord, how can I deny- how can I deny? That when your way is paved with something greater than me in mind how can it be design? For me to question what's unquestionably your suggestion and your sign; your satisfaction is what I desire Lord, what I desire!


from Moodswings, released September 24, 2008



all rights reserved


Luis Polo aka illete the 7th grader Cincinnati, Ohio

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